Authoritative Acquisition, Guidance and Launch of Exemplary Projects to 2016

to 2016

restructuring ATM processes / invitations for bids for all services having to do with ATM operation


The largest Direct Bank in Europe and a leading German private customer bank



restructuring the computer centre operation with reference to expenses, customer satisfaction and process quality including boosting the efficiency of the entire ATM stock with a network in excess of 1,300 ATM. The main concentration of restructuring was the bank’s growth strategy and meeting all of the current stations linked to new ideas and innovation.



project preparation:

organising, launching and documenting the kick-off workshop

identifying and describing the topics for ATM migration

documenting requirements

documenting the economic reference numbers of the status quo

describing the processes with the existing providers and business partners

expense streamlining (basic status quo)

workflow streamlining (basic status quo)


Invitations for bids Phase 1:

elaborating the request for information (rfi)

evaluating suitable bidders

evaluating applications received/reducing the long list to a short list


Invitations for bids Phase 2:

elaborating the request for proposal (rfp)

evaluating and rating tenders

coming up with an evaluation matrix

bidder presentations

assistance in actual bidder selection

supporting contract negotiations

formulating the concept for the pertinent contacts

innovation management

change management

advising a private customer bank in ATM outsourcing


The largest direct bank in Europe and a leading German private customer bank



formulating the call for tenders and expert guidance for exporting ATM operation to a third service



Project management in close cooperation with a project staff of the customer enterprise

drafting the future operational structure of the ATMs

drawing up a request for proposal including all specifications, performance targets and demands

performance description for future operation of ATMs based on service levels

operating strategy with performance targets for IT service management in conformity with ITIL (ITSM)

management of invitation for bid

business partners and contract management

quality management

support for group purchasing

moving the computer centre of a bank of an IT service supplier in North Germany to a new service supplier in South Germany


the largest direct bank in Europe and a leading German private customer bank



moving the computer centre of a bank from an IT service supplier in North Germany to another service supplier in South Germany without interrupting regular production including satisfactory launch of the project target



setting up project organisation and reporting system

drawing up schedule and milestone plan

monitoring compliance with the milestones

attending project meetings

project coordination with everybody concerned

coordinating and documenting tests / load tests

ATM and POS migration


One of the world’s leading providers of solutions for e-commerce, e-payment and mobile payment systems with sites in 35 countries and more than 25,000 employees. At the point in time of the order, this enterprise maintained in the EMEA region more than one half million trade customers, 50 million card holders and 10,000 ATMs.



roll in/roll out processing to an external IT company (IT outsourcing)



project direction

taking stock of demands

clarification of technical implementation

guiding the co-workers

coordinating with other service suppliers

documenting the paperwork pertinent to the project

developing strategy for a European ATM manufacturer for entry into the German market


fourth-largest manufacturer of ATMs in the world



coming up with a strategy for entering the breakdown for the German market and a workshop for assessing the strategy for Germany



research on the German market with reference to ATM

comparative analyses in ATM area with regard to the market in Great Britain

support in selecting appropriate local service suppliers / business partners

working out the demands in the technical and regulatory framework

creating the business case for Germany

illustrating the presentation and the actual presentation

coming up with a business model including the appropriate business plan for the retail cash segment


payment service supplier for banks and trade active on the global stage with various sales channels for a wide range of differing payment activities (in-store, online and mobile) in more than 125 countries



setting up the new business field for retail cash management with its appropriate analysis of the customer strategy and developing a business model including the appropriate business plan



analysis of the existing business processes

evaluating a new strategy

developing a new business model on top of it

selecting the appropriate service suppliers and/or business partners

placing the business plan on top of it for retail cash management

Drawing up workflows for controlling all of the projects of a bank


a cooperative bank in North Germany that has about 250,000 members at the point in time of the order, a customer service network, direct bank shops, ATM/ self-service locations.



working out a model for controlling all projects of the bank as the multi-project organisation with the committees of the management board, project commission, planning committee and PMO.


special demands:

aligning the project portfolio to the entire bank strategy and to the divisional strategies;

guaranteeing transparency with project decisions and boosting their acceptance;

including departments into project planning and preparation and enhancing the project control; regular checks and adapting the project requirements to the entire project portfolio.



drawing up a project model

building up the project organisation

illustrating the routine organisation

illustrating and explaining roles and committees

recommendation to introducing the new model

Strategic consultation of a payment service provider (PSP) with reference to ZAG (Payment Services Supervision Law) licencing


Payment service provider acting on a global scale for the electronic monetary transaction and for preventing fraud



preparing a workshop where the advantages, demands and expenditures of ZAG licencing are considered, including a roadmap for licencing



illustrating the advantages of licencing

illustrating a potential product extension by obtaining a bank licence in accordance with the guidelines of the Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz (Payment Service Supervision Law)

identifying all of the corporate processes affected by licencing

general illustration of the demands of Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz (Payment Service Supervision Law)

drawing up am emergency handbook

summarizing findings

Responding invitations for bids for providing the computer centre performance for a payment service provider


The client is the leading service supplier for cashless and card-supported monetary transactions in Austria with 645 million transactions every year of just under 10 million cards



aligning the computer centre performance to the growth strategy of the tenderee. Re-design of the bank self-service range of offers followed by the conception of attractive offers for banks in German-speaking foreign countries.



kick-off workshop


list of the resources required

evaluation of the standards and technological components needed

project direction

new range of offers/services

business partner management

drawing up the business case

drawing up the pricing model

presentation of offers

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